I hope you are still interested in seeing "in progress" posts. Here is 1.5 day's worth of progress on what I have now dubbed "Veg Van painting #1". This is a project I am doing in collaboration with my friend Alison, for Glacier Valley Farm Community Supported Agriculture. The farm van will display a blow-up of this painting on the side. With luck, I will be able to do a #2 so there will be different paintings on each side of the van.
This is all to support and promote consumption of our wonderful Alaska grown produce!

I started by making a charcoal sketch directly on the linen. I skipped the underpainting stage as I needed to work fast with the perishables. As you can see, I made some compositional changes as I worked. It is such a challenge to work with vegetable greens that wilt! They are now completely flat, so from here I will be using the reference photos I took when I initially arranged my models. As I work, I try to envision what this will look like at approximately 6 x 12 feet in size!

At some point this painting will be for sale, but there is quite a bit more work to do on it, so I will now get myself back into the studio for the rest of the day!