This is the second painting from the Peter Van Dyck workshop. This time I used a linen panel. The surface stayed a bit oilier, but I liked how it went.

This is the same flowered napkin featured in the Russian Sugar Bowl painting (see the August 1, 2009 post). Quite a contrast, isn't it? I was worried it would steal the show in that little sugar bowl painting, so I made it more uniform. But in this painting I found that the sketchier treatment had more visual interest for me, and it didn't steal the show.

I found this tin sheep (or is it a cow??) at a yard sale full of funky stuff in Seattle. August is a great month for finding cool still life stuff! I was really attracted to the strange colors of the rust and wear on this object.

8" x 10" oil on linen panel

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$480 plus shipping, unframed