Sill Life painting is often about the spirit of objects we encounter, their history, and how we know them.

For a still life painter, it helps to understand the secret lives of things. Objects come to us trailing associations, feelings, meanings, and other qualities we may not be able to name. On the one hand, they are simply?present in?our lives, on the other, they are unfathomable mysteries.


Differential with Japanese Banner,?Oil on linen panel, 16"W x 20"H,?SOLD

Objects can be quite lively when you get to know them.

This differential, for instance, persuaded a fit young man to carry it 12 miles out of an abandoned junk pile somewhere in Alaska, despite the extra weight. When he left the state, he put it on the grass to one side of his yard sale. I was gliding by on my bicycle when it called out to me.

For months it waited?patiently in my "heavy metal" box, all the while exerting a tug on my awareness. In another part of my life, I was exploring old Japanese textiles. I did not realize this banner would have an affinity with the differential, but when I saw them together, they were a nice match.

?This piece travelled the state as part of the All Alaska Juried exhibition organized by the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Since then, it has found a home.


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