On our first painting day in the park, my friend Mary Bee Kaufman and I were so ambitious we took the 6AM bus from the campground at Wonder Lake to the Eilson Visitor's center. When we got there it was chilly, and still dark! Undaunted, we set up easels and started right in. By the time we were painting, the sun was making its appearance, while we tapped into the general wildness. The wind was up, good thing we had lots of layers. Mary Bee remarked that this painting was aptly of Gravel Mountain, because right after I finished it, the easel blew over and dumped the painting face down in the gravel. Just a little extra texture, more authentic that way!

Using a big rock to counteract the wind worked for a while.

Here's Mary Bee a little later in the day. Rosy cheeked and smiling!

8" x 16" oil on linen panel

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