When I teach a class, as I did this past weekend, I grab a little panel and demonstrate the various steps of building a painting. I never know whether my demonstration will come to anything, because I am really focused on teaching, and that's where I spend most of my time. Sometimes I like my little panel, so I sign it.

I bought this squash in January and set it out as a potential model in every one of my classes, but no one chose it. It kept just fine in the refrigerator, and I grew fond of it. After I immortalized it in paint, I took it home, chopped it up, and made soup!

I have finished my series of oil painting classes. However, my students are collecting names of people who would be interested in taking classes in the autumn. When enough people have signed on, we will set some dates and get to work on more paintings. To get on the list, and to have a say as to class dates and times, contact me at info@carollambertarts.com.

To see photos and read about my most recent class, go to this post on the Upstairs Studio Blog.

6" x 8" oil on linen panel

To purchase, contact me at info@carollambertarts.com