The summer we built our Alaska cabin, I was the cook on the job.

Between meal prep and dishes, I?had a few hours to get out the paints and record the action. These 4 guys, all family members, did an amazing job of completing the framing and installing lots and lots of windows during a 4 day frenzy. Luckily, the weather was glorious.
framing cabin_site_ 62916

Later in the week, when the construction was almost done, I celebrated by making a little watercolor sketch. (The tree attached to the high spot on the roof is a traditional decoration for a newly built home.)
cabin build wc2_site_816
One of the structures on the property,?a classic Alaska lean-to cabin, had a nice crop of saplings growing from the sod roof. Not knowing how long it would last, I decided to paint it while it was still standing.
We called it the Hobbit cabin. The?ATV (all terrain vehicle) parked next to it is one of our main means of getting back and forth, there being no actual roads.
This is me at work, in a hat completely covered in mosquito netting. Since that time, the Hobbit has gone the way of all old cabins.
?The paintings are all?now the property of the cabin owner.


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