I enjoy painting in public on a number of levels.

When I paint in public?in Alaska, I get to take time to appreciate this?magnificent place. I also meet some wonderful?folks. Tourists and locals alike drop by to observe, and to express interest in what I am doing. Lots of?people have taken my picture, and I?thank?them for sharing these photos with me.

If you encounter an artist painting in public, please show your support. I suggest you observe quietly, and ask questions when the artist takes a break. If you want to take a photo, it's good to ask if that's ok.?Also, the artist?is probably?willing to?sell you that?painting on the easel, so don't be shy about asking.



Painting along the Denali Highway



Doing a demonstration painting at Fireweed Gallery in Homer, Alaska



?A painting demonstration at Upstairs Studio, Anchorage, Alaska, First Friday event.



Painting in the rain, Turnagain Pass, Alaska


In the Coast Guard?storage lot, Homer Spit, Homer, Alaska, painting bouys.



Painting Flattop Mountain, Chugach State Park, Anchorage, Alaska



Along?Cook Inlet at, Beluga Point, Alaska,?with all my equipment.



A painting demonstration at a cafe in Anchorage, Alaska



No, this one isn't in Alaska!

I wouldn't dream of going to the South of France without my little watercolor sketch kit.

Painting in public is not just about getting?outside the studio. Being outdoors, often among people who are interested in my work,?gives me a little extra energy. Maybe that is why I have sold most of the paintings I was working on in these photos.

People?appreciate the chance to see an artist at work. When artists interact directly with their world and their audience, good things can happen.

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