Last year I went to Denali National Park and made a 16 x 40 painting of the view at Polychrome Pass. I had to put it on 2 panels in order to carry the wet painting-in-progress on the park bus. When I got home I framed them in one frame, but try as I might, I could not make the seam unobtrusive.
I finally took the panels out of the frame, cropped one, and now I have two paintings of the view at Polychrome Overlook. I think it worked out fine in the end. 

This year I will try to return to the same spot to do 2 more paintings. What I have done so far is only a small slice of a great view. 

Polychrome Overlook
16 x 20

Polychrome Overlook 2
16 x 12

oil on linen panels
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