Welcome to another episode?in?the search?for an answer to this question:?how much time does it takes to paint a still life?

To find the answer, I am tracking my time at the easel as I complete a 20" x 16" still life in oil.

The?initial drawing and the underpainting are finished, and I have?begun to lay in color for the background. Some of the reddish?underpainting?is still visible. This accounts for 20 hours of work so far.

begin color feathers_site_316


I took the photo below?after another 25?hours at the easel. In that time,?I corrected the drawing and began applying color to?the wing.

feather progress_site_ 41916


Eventually,?all the?feathers have color, and the top of the wing has?more definition.

70 hour feather_site_416


I also made many small changes and corrections over the entire painting. For instance, I brought?the left?and upper sections of the wing into sharper focus.

75 hour feather det_compare_site2-416


Over time, many?corrections?will add up to a more balanced and satisfying image.

Now it's time to get started on the antler. At this point, my oil painting in progress has been on the easel for 75 hours.

Update!! Click here to see my video on the process of completing this painting.

Here is the next installment in my series How It Looks In A Frame. Tooth with Found Objects, 8" x 8", oil on copper panel, shown here with some of its props. Click here to see it without a frame.

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