After a long pause, I am back to printmaking.

I have loved printmaking for most of my life, but have had access to a press only in the last few years. However, I recently bought a press and lots of supplies from an artist who was leaving the state. Since then I have been reviving some favorite fantasy themes as intaglio prints. Here are some recent experiments.
This character started out in an earlier etching as a slender youth holding?a sword.
Now he has grown up into someone scarier, either welcoming you or warding you off from an ominous black door.
the sword_site_1015

"The Exit" 6" x 8" etching, monoprint

A laughing plaster angel (from a yard sale) inspired me to create this impish little person,?He appeared in this painting some time ago.
my joyful selfb_1215_site
My Joyful Self, oil on panel, 6"W x 8"H
But, as you can see in this etching, he has since?taken up?geometry.
rational etching_site_1015

"Rational" 4" x 6" etching, limited edition of 15

Here is a couple?in Paradise. Were we ever meant to be so peaceful and relaxed, not to say lazy?

before the fall etching_site_816

?"Before the Fall" 5.5" x 5", etching, limited edition in progress.
Eventually, this young man?learns to fall, possibly having been too prideful. Personally, I prefer this version of the Fall of Man over the one where Eve gets all the blame.
the fall etching_site_816

"The Fall" 6" x 5", etching, limited edition in progress

All but the little warrior and "The Exit" were printed on my new (used) press. I am feeling inspired, so stay tuned for?more etchings.



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