This post is all about?vines and vineyards. As we sip our Cabernet, I will also tell you about two?varieties of fine art prints.

I'm talking about monotypes and monoprints. Know the difference? Most people don't, and I didn't either until I started making them. However, these are good terms to learn, because they have to do with the rarity of an artwork.

This is a monotype.

It was printed on?a press, but there is only one of this image?in the world. I painted it, using?printing ink, on a sheet of plexiglass. I ran the plexiglass plate through my press with a piece of damp paper laid on top. The image transferred to the paper, but it cannot be printed again. ?This a unique, stand alone, image.


The Vine, 14.5" w x 11.75"h

Langedoc Vineyards, pictured below, is another monotype. After I printed The Vine, I used the same plexiglass sheet, and the same painting technique, to make this image. Both of these works will be available at the wine tasting,


Langedoc Vineyards,?14.5" w x 11.75"h


Wine Country, Languedoc, pictured below, is a?monoprint.

That is to say, it is one of a numbered series, all printed from the same plate, but each print in the series is, in some way, different from the rest.


Wine Country, Languedoc,?13.75" w x 11.5"h

I made this image by scoring the lines into a sheet of plexiglass, then inking it, and running it through the press. The image can be printed?again because I made permanent marks on the plate.

I printed an edition of 5 pieces, altering the color of the ink for each of the monoprints in the series. The detail images below will show you what I mean. The entire series will be available at the September 7 wine tasting event.






For my ongoing series How it Looks in a Frame: 18 Destinations, 18 w x 14"h, oil on linen panel. To see it without a frame, click here. Interested in owning it? Follow the links?at the end of this post, or see it in person at the Wine O'Clock event.




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