Artist Wendy Gingell is doing a series of interviews of Upstairs Studio artists. You can read her interview of me here.

Wendy is a wonderful ceramic artist. She makes the most amazing and unusual things! I recommend a visit to her site.

Even better, come see her work at the next First Friday (5pm - 9pm this coming Friday) at Upstairs Studio, 406 G St, in Anchorage.

I have just finished a long term project, and will post progress photos some time in the next week. Also, there is still room in my May 14/15 Still Life in Oil class. Please email me at if you are interested.

Some photos from a recent class:

Here I am demonstrating color mixing technique. Color management is a big part of the curriculum. Below are photos of student work. You can see that each completed a color study before going on to the final painting.

Erin's work.

Kevin's work.

Everyone learns a lot and has fun! This upcoming class will be my last until the autumn.