A basket of linens, from Zurbaran's The Young?Virgin,?stayed with me for months after I saw the painting.

I loved how this simple combination of objects held their own in the corner of Zurbaran's painting, and I admired how he showed their rough, humble character. I decided?to put the basket of linens?at the center of a still life
?basket of linens inprogress_site_816
Preliminary study in charcoal?for Basket of Linens

Setting up the still life was more difficult than I expected. After searching for a few weeks, I?found a suitable?basket?in a yard sale. I rummaged in my collection of old linens, and tried, unsuccessfully, to pose the folds with toothpicks. This is when I began to wonder, how did Zubaran do it? In the end, I arranged the folds without trying to get so close to my inspiration.

I?was happy with my?charcoal drawing, so I reproduced it on a copper plate and etched it.

(Now these etchings are available as cards that can also be framed.)
?Linens, etching, 4"w x 3"h
?All these preparation led up to the still life painting in oil.??I'm already thinking of painting a second variation!
basket of linens_site_1015

Basket of Linens, oil on linen panel,?16"w x 12"h


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