After working for so long on my vegetable van painting, I read this blog post from Duane Keiser. He writes about a painting titled Mound of Butter by Antoine Vollon. I saw this painting recently, and I completely agree with his comments.

Duane wrote about the wonderful spontaneity of the piece, so I got inspired to do something quick and happy.

Maybe not as quick as it looks, though, because so much preparation went into this piece. Some time ago I went to Broad Pass with 2 other artist friends and made several oil sketches, and on later trips northward I always stopped to do pencil sketches. Then I tried a studio painting that failed terribly! Then I sketched the scene in ink on a canvas and left it on the wall for months. But then I went to work with as little forethought and perfectionism as possible, and here is the result. That was fun! I may do more of this!

16' x 14' Oil on linen

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$540 plus shipping, unframed