This is something new for me, posting an unfinished painting. Because I have been working on this one for quite a while, posts to the blog have slowed down. Also, getting my website redesigned and launched accounts for some of the delay, I am so glad that project is done! But I want you to know I am still painting, and this is what I am working on.

This still has the appearance of the monochrome underpainting. I have started to add a bit of color in the red and green parts of the drill. I love its subtle rusts, patinas, and worn paint, and these muted colors will be an important part of the finished piece. As you can see, I also enjoy working with drapery.

This is not the first painting I have made of a complex tool, but it is the largest one so far. I plan to do more, and have a wonderful line-up of models just waiting for me to get to them. They all look treasured and well used. For me they carry a direct connection to the hands that held them, the care that went into their use, the value of the work they accomplished. The drapery feels right, paying homage to their democratic, honest power.

I hope to have this one finished shortly. There is a lot of work left to do on the lower drapery, in the shadows, and the gear wheel is a wonderful green, got to get that just right. The handle for turning the gear needs work, and all those gear teeth, have to adjust them until everything reads correctly. Not quite in the home stretch yet on this one. I will post the finished painting.

I wonder if you will find it interesting to see a painting in progress? Please let me know. If this is a success with readers, more "in progress" posts will appear.