Here is the final result of some months of work on the hand drill painting. Below are a few more photos of work in progress since my last post.

I took this as I began to finish the lower part of the drapery and the drill.

Going a little further to refine the drapery and the values.

I began this painting in November 2007, put it aside for quite a while, and picked it up again in December of 2008.

Yes, I had the set up in my studio for all those months! I needed to move it a few times, so the drapery was disturbed from its original position. I rearranged the drapery as I worked.

If you compare the finished piece to the "in progress" photos in this and the previous post, you will see changes in the drawing, the edges, and the drapery of the lower half.

Normally, I try to keep all parts of a painting moving forward at the same pace, but this one had "arrested development." For all these reasons, the top and bottom parts of the painting were completed at different times.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the "in progress" post!

24" x 12" oil on linen panel

No price on this one yet, but if you are interested in a purchase, contact me at