I just delivered this painting to the good people who commissioned it. The commission is for 3 paintings, all to be placed above doors in their kitchen. Look for the next two in the series on the blog soon.

It was so pleasant to see their delight at how the painting turned out. We planned it together, sitting in their garden, eating melon, while the apples ripened nearby and raspberries grew alongside the house.

When I came to collect some props, though, a moose had eaten all the apples still on the tree! Luckily, some were picked before the moose arrived, and I gathered leaves off the tree, so I had what I needed. They had just finished their jam making for the year, so that was handy. These raspberries actually came off my bushes, where I had a small crop still hanging on as the weather cooled.

Thanks guys, for giving me the opportunity to do this painting, it was fun! I have been holding off taking commissions, but am available to discuss commissions as of now.
Oil on panel, 8" x 14"