Many thanks to photographer Paul Younger, who came to the Upstairs Studio First Friday opening and took this shot of me with my painting, my glass palette, and my set up.

The subject is another old tool I have had for a while, just waiting for the right moment to paint it. Because I try to work quickly on demo paintings, a simple object is best, but I added the cloth to liven up the color. Besides, brushes and color go together!

You can see my mixtures of pink and pale yellow paint, to match the fabric, on the palette. My green and violet mixtures are also there, but outside the photo.

The first sketch, getting the composition in place. You can still see my initial grid. The panel is 8 x 10.

The block-in is about done here.

First color pass, looking like a painting now. I had fun incising the individual bristles with the pointy end of my brush.

I continued to work on Saturday, and this is what it looks like now. It is not necessarily finished. I will let it dry for a few days and look it over for needed refinements. Then the "official photo" will go to the website.

This process is what I teach in my weekend workshops. There is still space in March, April, and May. Please contact me if you are interested in signing up.