?Not 24 hours after posting this painting on the blog, I had inquiries about availability and price.

Then it was floral, sold! This afternoon I delivered the painting to the new owners. It was very exciting. As you can see by the photo (that's me on the left), they are pleased, too.

In fact, they expressed a hope that this sale, coming so soon after I published the photo, will inspire others to follow through quickly to inquire about a work they admire. I can only agree! Don't hesitate to contact me for more information when you are interested in one of my pieces.

You could?be the next person to say, "Floral, sold!"

If you regret missing out on this one, stay tuned. I am doing more and more work featuring plants. Often those pieces are works on paper, which are generally far less expensive than oil paintings. You can visit my gallery of works on paper here.

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