I have made a few painting trips to Denali National Park, always in September.

Denali in September: It's the best time to hit beautiful weather and spectacular views. Also, there are practically no mosquitos. Granted, the evenings are chilly, but that seems a small price to pay. Sometimes, though, the wind kicks up, the clouds roll in, and that's when I find out whether I and my equipment are up to the job.



Painting near Wonder Lake on a brilliant September day



Clouds rolling in and I'm coping with the wind. My easel is anchored by a big rock in the bag. It fell over anyway, repeatedly. Nice texture for the painting.


Looking very chilly, outside of Eielson Visitor Center. Denali is going behind her clouds. Beautiful soft colors everywhere.


The sun is breaking through for my friend Mary Bee Kaufman, who took all the best pictures from our shared adventure.


?Later that day, a kind visitor took this photo. A bit of drizzle doesn't hurt the view.



This is the kit: wet panel carrier, paint box, easel, 3 legged stool, pack with provisions and layers, hat, hiking boots, and bear spray strapped right in front.



Heading to Wonder Lake campground with my buddy, Paul, who generously took on the job of camp cook. What a luxury for tired artists!

Denali in September can be kind or cold, but if you persevere, you will be rewarded.

Plus, the hardy visitors who come to the park at that time of year are usually good company, and ready to show an interest in an artist's efforts. You can see more photos of my painting trips to Denali in this post.


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