In the afternoon of our second painting day in Denali National Park, I hiked a short way up the path from our camp spot, sat on a little hillock, and painted this. Mary Bee and I had discussed the most difficult problem we faced in our project: the landscape was so information-rich it was hard to know how to organize all the visual input. I think this piece illustrates that problem. Trees, tundra colors, and mountain all get similar emphasis. It was great fun to sit in the warm sun and paint it, but it also brought home the lesson: pick a primary focus and be sparing with details.

Mary Bee took this photo of me coming back to the campsite with my kit and wheelie. Yes, that's a can of bear spray tied at my waist, even though there were no bears near us. I figured it was a good habit to carry it along, since I had been sitting alone, very quietly, and might have inadvertently surprised the wildlife.

Here is a beautful sow and one of her two cubs, trying to find berries on a very dry year. We saw them about 40 miles from Wonder Lake campground, on one of our bus rides.

16" x 12" oil on linen panel

This one is not for sale.