At long last we headed north for the plein air painting trip in Denali National Park! This painting was done about an hour south of the park, in Broad Pass, on Sept 7th.

This is my second attempt to capture the sweep and colors of that area. See my April 22, 2009 post for the first attempt. That first one was done in the studio from oil sketches made on site. This one was completed entirely in the open, looking out on those hills, grasses, and berry bushes (the autumn-red leaves of the blueberry bushes dominate the pass at that time of year.) My first Broad Pass painting looks west, this one looks east.

On this trip I tried to minimize my use of cadmium colors. The reds and yellows are all earth colors. I did use a bit of cadmium yellow in some pieces, but mostly the ochres and mars yellows worked great, and did not threaten to unbalance the color harmony as the powerful cadmiums can do. There is the added advantage of using less toxic materials.

9" x 12" oil on linen panel