Here is the beginning of Veg Van painting #2 (see earlier posts for #1). Below are in-progress photos of the bok choi detail. I have been working on the bok choi for about a week, while also bringing other parts along more slowly. This first view is the toned linen, the sketch of my design in india ink, with the bok choi and some zucchinis roughly blocked in. Please forgive the uneven lighting, the left side is not really so dark.

I have added some shadow, and more surrounding detail.

Loosely sketching in the white veins on the leaves gives me some landmarks, and establishes the rhythm of the of the form.

Here I have started to refine the shapes and lines, and the zucchinis are also coming along.

Those green beans on the left have morphed into scallions! And the napkin under the blue jar is gone. The stalks of the bok choi are looking good now. especially against the background red. Further refinements to the leaves, finishing some detail on the lower leaves.

Many hours later, the bok choi is nearly complete. There may be a few touches when the rest of the painting is brought up to a similar state of completion. One of the zucchinis will get a little highlight. The sprig of mint will also be completed later. I'm happy with how this is going, I think it will look good on the veg van.