I designed this etching, No Refuge, No Sanctuary,?in honor of my granddaughter, who just turned 20.

It's no secret that being female is risky. I tried to think of a place?where a woman might never be blamed and abused for?her womanhood. I couldn't think of any.



Nothing can?shield a woman from the damages inflicted by our culture. And yet, amazingly the majority of women everywhere continue to be brave, strong, determined and smart. They know how to stand?up for themselves and for each other.

This?will be a signed and numbered edition.

Once completed, I will make it available for purchase, and ?will donate 50% of proceeds?to the women's shelter, A.W.A.I.C, in Anchorage. (To see a list of items they can use now, click here.)

Artists who draw the figure know that every woman can be magnificent in her own way.

Live models, both male and female, help artists to study the human body. We are privileged to observe many body types, and to discover how our physical form expresses our vitality.

Along with?the lessons about anatomy comes the realization?that people of every size, shape, and condition have dignity and beauty.?Here is a selection of my figure studies. Each of these women?was comfortable enough in her body to display its grace and individuality.?My thanks to these wonderful models.















Other news:

On October 7, 2016, First Friday, from 5:30 - 8:30 I will be showing my work at the?Wine O'Clock event, located in the showrooms of Alaska Premier Closets.

They are teaming up with the Wine House for?this wine-tasting and artist showcase. The print at the top of this post will be available for purchase, along with many more prints and paintings. Location:??507 E Ship Creek Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501. I will send out details to my mailing list as the date gets closer.


The Fragments of Time show at Alaska Pacific University will end on September 30, 2016. Go soon if you still want to see it!?I have 4 pieces in that show, including Wing and Antler, which appeared in the Alaska Dispatch News.

And if you have not seen my video (4.5 minutes) on the creation of that painting, Wing and Antler: In Progress, you can?click here?to?watch?it.

Want another recommendation for an art-related ?podcast? Check out??Savvy Painter, with Antrese Wood. A painter herself, she conducts in-depth conversations with contemporary painters worth knowing about. You can see their work?on the Savvy Painter?website, and you?can subscribe the podcasts on her website or on iTunes.

Finally,?for?my ongoing series?How it Looks in a Frame:?A Tiny Armadillo Guards My Keys,??14 w x 11"h, colored pencil?on paper.?To see it without a frame,?click here.


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