On a?visit to New York I attended a 3 day still life workshop at Grand Central Atelier?with instructor Katie Whipple.

I?have a lot of experience with still life, but I wanted?to take the workshop because I like the instructor's work. Although?Katie Whipple ?is still in?her mid-20's, she is already an accomplished painter and draftswoman. You can view?and follow her intimate, delicate?paintings and drawings?on her Instagram page.

The Romanesco challenge!

When Katie showed us a selection of fruits and vegetables. I picked the Romanesco cauliflower. I have always wanted to paint one.?Now that I have tried, I want to paint another one!


Romanesco Sketch, oil on panel, 10"w x 8"h?

I enjoyed working with Katie Whipple. She?assists her students cheerfully, giving?timely, practical suggestions. When all the little fractals hypnotized me to the point of near blindness, she helped me analyze the main shapes. Once I shifted my focus to?the essential forms I was able to move forward more effectively. It's a basic?lesson, but?I occasionally need reminder!

Since the workshop, I have drawn and painted the Romansco again. So far, the ones I can find all have the leaves removed. Because I want to paint one with lots of gorgeous green leaves attached, my quest for the right Romanesco goes on.


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